Is Counselling/Psychotherapy for you?

Are you unhappy in your life? Do you have problems with:

• Self-esteem, confidence, assertiveness
• Anxiety and depression
• Panic Attacks
• Emotional crisis or difficulties coping
• Bereavement, loss, separation & relationship break-down
• Self-image problems
• Despair, feelings of loss and hopelessness
• Dependency
• Substance abuse
• Childhood issues or trauma
• Work-related issues, stress, interpersonal conflict, personal development
• Anger Management

Talking to a counsellor/psychotherapist can provide the support and understanding we need in times of distress and emotional pain, bringing healing, hope and direction where it may be needed. It can also be beneficial in many other ways, improving our relationships and enhancing our lives.

Ursula will listen to hear what is not being said, or to what is too painful to be mentioned, and together with you, she will endeavor to help you, put your life back on track, so that you can live purposefully again.

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"Courage is a love affair with the unknown."